Uganda Day April 17th 2015

Welcome to the National Uganda day 2015 website. This year, the Uganda Day will be hosted at the Christelijk Lyceum in Veenendaal. This day is held biannually, for example, two years ago it was organized at the RAI, Amsterdam. We, as ambassadors of Stick2Uganda, are very content to be able to organize this special day so we can put Uganda in the spotlight. On this site you can find the programme, the required information for those who want to present and the location of the Christelijk Lyceum Veenendaal.

Adolescents Playing a Key Part in the Uganda Day
Like their Dutch counterparts, youths in Uganda have big dreams and expectations regarding their future.  They would like to start a life of their own and wish for a healthy working and living environment.  For instance, having a strong educational base will provide better work opportunities. Is this possible for them? There are enough obstacles, so how can youths in Uganda overcome these challenges? How can Dutch organizations help these adolescents? 

Young Social Entrepreneurs in the Netherlands and Uganda
There are plenty of young entrepreneurs in Uganda. Their main goal is to start their own business or company. Most of the time, however, they will start working for a boss before starting up their own enterprise.  Besides a lot courage, they will need adequate knowledge to realize their goal.  Dutch organizations can help these young entrepreneurs start their business. However, could young Dutch entrepreneurs help as well?

Learning together, sharing experiences together and helping each other move forward; that’s what the Uganda Day 2015 is all about. It is a day where all sorts of people, organizations and foundations can network and build relationships between the two countries. Everyone is invited!